Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Get Out Your Hard Hats

I was just reminded recently by my friend Stephanie that Lowes and Home Depot offer free projects for kids/families on Saturday mornings. They have a couple really great ones coming up.

Click the links for more info.

Best $20 I've Ever Spent!

Mega Blocks in Fife is having an amazing warehouse sale starting today and going through Saturday, Dec. 6th (I believe until 3:00 p.m.). It was just the right thing to help me tie up all my loose ends for Christmas this year.

Here's what I bought for $20!
  • Items include Magnetix, Mega Blocks, Wipe Boards/Calendars (all sizes), Rose Art products, High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Strawberry Shortcake, Puzzles, Board Games, and so much more.
  • Follow parking to the back where the "Store" is. Employees will give you a big cardboard box to literally drag around with all your stuff. I think I might take my giant blue Ikea bag next time. WARNING: Dragging a heavy box and steering a stroller through a mass of people is difficult. Consider finding a babysitter for the kids. Lines were long on opening day - about an hour to get to the cashier (one of two).
  • IMPORTANT: Only cash is accepted and all sales are final.