Saturday, September 6, 2008

DO and DON'T

Do: Take you kids to the Barnum and Bailey Circus in Everett. Pay $9 a ticket by buying on presale with a promo code from KOMO News. Parking is cheap and it's a smaller event center than others I've been to. Only bad thing about that, the show seemed scaled down as well. Oh ya, DO bring ear plugs and your own snacks (they must make more off souvenirs and food than tickets).

Don't: Try to get to the circus while other people are trying to get to another major event (i.e. The U of W vs. BYU game).

Do: Go to the Puyallup Fair and enjoy people watching and farm animals. Ride the rides at your own risk. If you know your kids will want to, buy tickets beforehand at a reduced rate. See for more info. Bring a stroller and a small backpack filled with healthy snacks. Bring a change of clothing for kids in case the weather turns and remember the sunscreen.

Don't: I repeat, DON'T go on opening day just because it's free from 10 a.m. - noon. Parking is always $10 no matter if it's a fair lot or private lot up the road. You'll spend more in gas waiting to get through traffic than you will buying an entry ticket. Also, don't expect to find somewhere convenient to nurse a baby. It's nearly impossible.

All in all, both are fun options and worth the trips. Just be smart about when you go!